Pre-Owned Aircraft Sales

We specialize in selling quality pre-owned fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft. Our inventory includes light single- and multi-engine pistons, turboprops, and business jets. We also facilitate pre-purchase inspection, aircraft appraisal, and title search for specific type and model of aircraft requested by our client.




Exporting Aircraft

We disassemble, pack, containerize, and ship light single- and multi-engine aircraft for export overseas.  Our service also includes facilitating Export Certificate of Airworthiness, Titles and Lien search, and Aircraft Deregistration.

Aircraft Appraisal

Aircraft appraisal includes thorough examination of aircraft maintenance records, history, inspection of exterior and interior conditions, and equipments. Our extensive aircraft database enables us to provide the most accurate and prompt report in the actual value of your aircraft.

Planning & Pre-buy Inspection

Finding the right aircraft based on your preference may be time consuming and frustrating.  Through years of experience, we serve every client’s unique requirements for the particular type of aircraft they need.  By providing the right aircraft, operational performance, costs analysis information, and pre-buy inspection we assist client in making complex and critical decision into sound and accurate result.